Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Zao Vietnamese Bistro

April 12, 2008
Serendra, Fort Bonifacio

I'm not quite fond of Vietnamese cuisine except for their Fresh Spring Rolls which I absolutely love! I've tried a couple of Vietnamese restaurants from the fast food Pho Hoa to the enchanting Bawai's in Tagaytay so we decided to try another one called Zao which can be found in Serendra, Fort Bonifacio. What a mistake it was for us...

In any cuisine, you have to try their specialty and the dish that specific cuisine is known for so I tried the Fresh Spring Rolls first. The dish was a complete classic and I love it! Not better than Bawai's but definitely something you should try in Zao. The peanut sauce was also good and accompanied the spring roll very well. Lacked a couple of more servings of shrimp inside the roll but nonetheless delicious.

Tried the Barbecued Pork Satay and it wasn't that special. Basic barbecue. Basic taste. Not worth it for the price. Oh, and I might add that the meat was really tough!

Lastly, the main dish, the classic Pho. I tried the Seafood Pho because I was feeling a bit fishy and wanted a good seafood dish. The Seafood Pho was a bit ordinary, nothing really new and it really didn't stand out! And oh yeah, they should change the name of the dish to "Shrimp" Pho instead of "Seafood" Pho. Only shrimps and a few fishballs were involved in the sad dish.

A friend of mine told me that the Vietnamese coffee in Zao was really strong and really good. I tried Bawai's coffee and I absolutely loved it! I was really full already with all the soup from the Pho that I was thinking twice in ordering an after dinner serving of coffee. Good thing the coffee lover in me won over my stomach's capacity since this was probably the best order you'll ever make in Zao. The drip coffee was absolutely strong and when mixed with evaporated milk (in the bottom of the glass, as served), it was heaven! Not better than Bawai's but awesome nonetheless!

In conclusion, Zao was another reason why I never really liked Vietnamese cuisine. It solidified my distaste for this kind of cuisine and for me, as long as they don't touch the classic Fresh Spring Roll, that's the only thing Vietnam I'm gonna eat (well except for Bawai's! Hehehe!). Poor cuisine, poor service, that's a good equation for Zao. Sadly, I Rank it even below that fast food joint, Pho Hoa.

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