Thursday, April 24, 2008

Home-Cooked Meals: Cookbook Style

April 18, 2008
Cookbook Kitchen
Socorro Fernandez Street corner Luna Mencias Street, Mandaluyong City

I've always loved comfort food. Home-cooked meals that would remind you of the good-ol' past. The food you would eat whenever you're sick or when you just feel depressed. That is why it is called comfort food right?

Cookbook Kitchen is all about the homey atmosphere and home-cooked goodness! I've been looking for this hidden restaurant for a couple of months now, never really realizing how close it was to our house. It is so near yet this is the first time I ate here. The first thing I've noticed in Cookbook Kitchen is that many friends and family (not to mention "daters") eating here. I saw a couple of friends and my sister Cat dining in the same restaurant. It was almost like a reunion of sorts.

Onto the main subject, the food... I ordered the CBK Chicken with bread instead of rice. Damn this NO CARB diet! Anyway, the chicken was perfectly cooked. It had good flavor from the stuffing of ham, pesto, and cheese but I wasn't a fan of the ham itself. They should have used parma ham or lean bacon instead. It would have been better stuffed with that. The texture of the chicken breast was very tender. Some chicken breast are really hard like cardboard and bland in flavor but this one was really good as a whole.

Aileen ordered the Pork Steak With Honey-Mustard Sauce and to her goes the award of the best order of the night. The pork steak was very tasty and it's grilled, salty flavor blended just right with the sweet and tangy honey-mustard sauce. You know when you usually order steak, you ask them to separate the sauce sometime? It is different with this dish, you NEED the sauce squeezed over the pork steak in order to experience the entanglement of all the flavors in one bite. My only problem with this dish is that the pork steak wasn't evenly cooked. Some parts were really tender but other parts were a bit tough. Still it was the best dish of the evening. I WILL comback for their famous Parmesan Crusted White Fish when my diet is over... I can't wait! :)


canDIshhh said...

Nice bumping into you and ... Hehehe!!

Hope to bump into you again soon!! (in a resto again!) Haha..:)

oliboy said...

oo nga e! it was so homey na parang reunion! my shobe was even there! hahaha! :)

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