Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Carabao Treats

April 12, 2008
Serendra, Fort Bonifacio

After a lousy meal at Zao, we decided to cleanse our palettes using what else but a great dessert. Nothing makes you feel better like something really sweet. Like ice cream to the depressed. Now with regards to consumable quantity, it is definitely directly proportional to your specific, sad, sorry state.

My friend always wanted to try the Carabao Milkshake in Culliere and so we decided to head there. I wasn't in the mood for some sorry milkshake that you can buy anywhere and I was thinking: no milkshake is worth Php 195 since all milkshakes deliver the same milky, sugar high even if they just changed the milk used. So I ordered the Carabao's Milk Crème Brûlée instead, and I definitely made the wrong order. Don't get me wrong, the creme brulee was really good. It was presented like a normal creme brulee with the hard layer of caramel on top. The creme brulee itself was very creamy and different from the custard norm. This was when I realized that using carabao's milk instead of normal grocery milk is a great way to differentiate it from other kinds. It was a special kind of creme brulee and left a creamy texture in my tongue instead of the run-of-the-mill custard that would just slide off. The texture was not gelatinous, which show you the perfect mixture of milk and eggs. The combination of the caramelized sugar and the custard was absolutely heavenly.

Now you ask why I said that I made a mistake... The Carabao's Milk Creme Brulee was very good but the Carabao Milk Shake was equally good! The mistake was not that I ordered the creme brulee but that I did not order both!!! The Carabao Milkshake was definitely different. It was very rich and the texture was very creamy. It comes with different flavors: cheese and avocado to name a few. We tried the different flavors but I would have preferred the basic Carabao Milkshake untouched by other distracting flavors. Sad to say a plain milkshake was nowhere to be found in their menu. Nonetheless, these carabao treats in Cuillère are definitely something to try. Love it or leave it, you decide.


Noel said...

Carabao's milk is the trademark of the owner's family (Arce) who were the original owner's of Selecta (now Arce) ice cream.

I must say, I have been enjoying reading your blog. Your writing style is fresh, honest and pretty much direct to the point. Good reading.

Keep it up.


oliboy said...

wow! thanks for the kind words! warms my heart really, noel! you're not bad yourself! kudos to you! :)

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