Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Streetfood Singapura

April 26, 2008
Orchard Towers
Orchard Road, Singapore

Orchard Road in Singapore is known for its shopping and nightlife. A place where young and old can go to walk around and relax after a long competitive work day. But unspoken of is the underbelly of the glamor that is Orchard Road. Prostitution. I know that it is illegal in Singapore but everytime I stay at Orchard Parade Hotel, I would always try to walk around Orchard Road like the nosy camera-wielding tourist that I am and see hordes of night-walkers picking up prospective "clients". This was very a good sign for me though, not because I was horny or needed some "company" but because where the prostitutes are, you are almost sure that good food is also near by.

The street vendors in Singapore had been allocated to its outskirts and with regards to the main tourist areas, inside small malls and high-rise residences in the city. The Orchard Towers housed this specific streetfood canteen. Inside, you see all kinds of people: from the gamers taking a break from the internet cafe next door to the male/female prostitutes getting a heavy dinner, preparing for "work". I think the cheap food yet good food brought in this type of crowd. Singapore has been known for the city's cleanliness and the same case goes with their streetfood canteens. You know that it is streetfood but it gives you a sense of abdominal security. Maybe the same abdominal security blanket that you get from eating in an expensive hotel.

Eating at this canteen/diner, I always get the Fishball Noodle Soup and Lamb Curry With Roti. They have a wide variety of Asian fusion, Chinese, and Indian stalls which was a perfect blend of cuisines for the Singaporean palette. Tourists love it also as you can see a lot of Caucasians and European eating at the eatery. And like I've said a thousand of times, when there are a bunch of Filipinos eating, it must be very affordable!

The fishball noodles was very famous in Singapore. It is as normal as any other noodle soup would go. Soggy noodles blanched in an MSG-ridden bath of soup garnished with veggies and the soup itself. Now the protein is the one that makes the dish, the fishballs. I really didn't care much about the noodles since it was, as expected, soggy and old. You know this when the texture of the noodles is not glutenous anymore, real good noodles have a bite to them. For me, you should be able to chew the noodles. The noodles that I had was at the opposite side of the spectrum. If I were in Hong Kong, I would EXPECT the noodles to be good but since I was nowhere near Hong Kong, I turned my attention to the fishballs. The fishballs in Singapore is very good. The lack of bite and gluten in the noodles were all compensated with the bouncy/rubbery quality of the fishball. It had a good bite to it and the ball literally fought with your jaw-bite. The texture was very very good. The flavor was also great. It wasn't fishy nor salty. The taste was just right.

Now that I had soup, onwards I go to the meat of the matter, the Lamb Curry With Roti. I always order this dish whenever I'm eating Indian cuisine and I love it. Lamb curry is probably the best curry there is and of course you can't have curry without Roti Prata. I love its authentic curry taste and its spiciness. It was not too hot and spicy but just right for the my taste. Wasn't a fan of the Roti though since it was not freshly made. Same problem with the noodles.

We had a good first dinner in our trip and I thought we'd never find an equally better dinner. Little did I know that our LAST dinner in Singapore would far more exceed this one...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Cakes Are Hell-bound

April 19, 2008
Classic Confections
Greenbelt 5, Makati City

Cakes are sinful. Sinners are hell-bound. Therefore, cakes are hell-bound.

Well in that case, buy me ticket to hell because I love these cakes!

The cakes in Classic Confections are indeed sinful but believe me when I tell you that they are absolutely and unequivocally well worth it! Here are some of the cakes we sampled and this time, they definitely taste as good as they look: (and yeah, this is actually arranged by order of "yummy-ness")

Chocolate Cake
I was expecting a much more moist chocolate cake than this. It was too sweet for my taste. This was the least of my favorite but it WAS yummy!

Mocha Sans rival
The cake had a mocha-icing and the bitterness of the mocha blended well with the sweetness of the sans rival center. The texture of the cake itself was really nice and it was not soggy.

Double Chocolate Mousse
Now this was my personal order. I am quite biased with this one since I was the one who made the choice. It's a good thing though that it was also very very good. The milk chocolate crust over the chocolate mousse was so good. The sweetness was just right. My only regret is that I should have ordered more!

Nono's Chocolate Oblivion
The cake was really good. The texture of the cake was what made this one of the best. The softness of the inside mixed with the crispiness of the crust was an unforgettable experience. It gave a little bite to the rather sponginess of the cake itself.

This was the cake that was my absolute favorite among the 5 that we tried. The cheesecake was very creamy and you can really tell that it was made with the finest ingredients.

Brian Gorrell's Palace

April 19, 2008
People's Palace
Greenbelt 3, Makati City

With Brian Gorrell's name on the title of this blog, let's see how much hits I get for this. Hehehe!

This though, is not the real reason behind his name on the title. There is actually a valid reason for this and not just a pathetic attempt to be like those people blogging just to get noticed. I heard about People's Palace from Brian Gorrell's blog first. I guess everyone knows about him and his story so I don't need to expound on the blog contents anymore. You guys know me as a person who looks for good in everything and so amidst all the rants in his blog, I actually was delighted in finding a rave. He raved about this restaurant that he and his friends frequented and coincidentally Aileen showed me where it was. My friends decided to try People's Palace out.

I just love Thai cuisine. I believe that it is one of the best Asian cuisines out there and People's Palace amplified this belief that I have. It's been quite sometime now since I devoured Thai food. I think the last time I ate Thai food or in this case, what seemed like it, was in the comfort of our hotel room in Japan. Instant noodles. So I was excited to try something really good to satisfy my thirst. People's Palace is a lovely place, its ambiance looks really high-end and it was very cozy with all the lighting and the elegant fixtures. The service was really good and fast. Now onto the yummy bit, no pun intended:

We tried six dishes. The first one was the Tom Yam Goong. You have to have the Tom Yam soup when eating Thai. The soup was very good. It was very flavorful, it lacked a bit of sourness and spiciness in my opinion but nonetheless amazing. We got some lime to squeeze over it which was surprisingly a great way of adding a bit more punch to the dish. The thing I noticed digging into the soup was the presence of basic Thai herbs (Galangal, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Basil, and Lemon Grass) which made the taste more authentic. The serving size was just right for one person if you're really hungry but enough for two if you happen to be on a date.

The Stir-fried Clams and the Stir-Fried Chicken With Cashew Nuts were the next to arrive. The clam's serving size was really small and I always wonder why every time I eat clams in restaurants, the empty clam shells always exceed the clam meat. I wonder why? Anyway, the dish was alright but a bit salty. This always happens with this dish since the salts or sauce gets stuck inside the crevices of the clam shells that when you eat it, it gives you a jolt of saltiness. The chicken dish, on the other hand, was good. It's a bit too "Chinese" for my taste though. I didn't like the fact that it tasted like EVERY OTHER Chicken with Cashew Nuts I've EVER tasted. It felt authentic alright but not extraordinary. Well, we all know that the Chinese cuisine had a big influence on almost all the other Asian cuisine and Thai cuisine is no exception. Both dishes were really just alright and didn't actually stand out. Remember, I was looking for ACTUAL Thai cuisine, something indigenous to the country per se and not an influence. Or so I thought...

The next dish to arrive was yet another Chinese influence, Crispy Lapu-Lapu Fillets. The dish was another Chinese influence so I felt a bit bored. I was wrong. It was probably one of the best dishes we had during the whole dinner. The fish was really crispy on the outside and tender in the inside. Usually, fried fish ala Fish-and-Chips have cuts that are so small that they are sometimes overcooked. This dish was really different. It had a really crispy exterior but when you bite into the big cut of Lapu-Lapu meat, it was really moist and tender. There was no fishy aftertaste which tells you that the fish was very fresh and perfectly stored before the cooking. The red sauce was also really good accompaniment to the fish. It wasn't salty and blended with the crispy fish excellently.

Next was the Kao Soi Gai, crispy egg noodles on a bed of Northern-style chicken curry. I don't know what's so different with the "northern-style" but I really was not fond of this dish. Something different about the flavor of the curry maybe but I just feel there is something wrong with the effect of the "fried" flavor of the noodles on the chicken curry. The only thing I love with this dish was that it was made with fried noodles. I love fried noodles and the way they become tender when it is mixed with the sauce. Even in North Park, a Chinese restaurant, my favorite was the crispy noodles. In People's Palace's case, I love the texture of the fried noodles with the sauce, I just didn't love the flavor it made when mixed.

After all those dishes, here comes the final test for a good Thai restaurant, the sampling of the curry. In this case, we ordered the Green Chicken Curry because that was my favorite curry of all the curries. The green curry. Something about green curries that leaves a fruitier, less-spicy taste in your mouth. Don't get me wrong, I love all types of curry, I love red curry also but that night I wasn't in search for something spicy but something more sweet and safe. The dish was absolutely excellent, something to top the whole Thai experience with a happy note, a perfect juxtaposition of flavors, chicken meat, vegetables, and curry. The serving size was also just right. This was probably one of the best curries I've ever tasted today.

All in all, we had a great dinner at People's Palace. I will definitely come back for some more Thai food. Thank you Brian Gorrell for exposing the alleged "con" of DJ Montano and the exploits of the Gucci Gang. But more importantly, thank you Brian Gorrell for exposing the lovely, People's Palace.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Home-Cooked Meals: Cookbook Style

April 18, 2008
Cookbook Kitchen
Socorro Fernandez Street corner Luna Mencias Street, Mandaluyong City

I've always loved comfort food. Home-cooked meals that would remind you of the good-ol' past. The food you would eat whenever you're sick or when you just feel depressed. That is why it is called comfort food right?

Cookbook Kitchen is all about the homey atmosphere and home-cooked goodness! I've been looking for this hidden restaurant for a couple of months now, never really realizing how close it was to our house. It is so near yet this is the first time I ate here. The first thing I've noticed in Cookbook Kitchen is that many friends and family (not to mention "daters") eating here. I saw a couple of friends and my sister Cat dining in the same restaurant. It was almost like a reunion of sorts.

Onto the main subject, the food... I ordered the CBK Chicken with bread instead of rice. Damn this NO CARB diet! Anyway, the chicken was perfectly cooked. It had good flavor from the stuffing of ham, pesto, and cheese but I wasn't a fan of the ham itself. They should have used parma ham or lean bacon instead. It would have been better stuffed with that. The texture of the chicken breast was very tender. Some chicken breast are really hard like cardboard and bland in flavor but this one was really good as a whole.

Aileen ordered the Pork Steak With Honey-Mustard Sauce and to her goes the award of the best order of the night. The pork steak was very tasty and it's grilled, salty flavor blended just right with the sweet and tangy honey-mustard sauce. You know when you usually order steak, you ask them to separate the sauce sometime? It is different with this dish, you NEED the sauce squeezed over the pork steak in order to experience the entanglement of all the flavors in one bite. My only problem with this dish is that the pork steak wasn't evenly cooked. Some parts were really tender but other parts were a bit tough. Still it was the best dish of the evening. I WILL comback for their famous Parmesan Crusted White Fish when my diet is over... I can't wait! :)

My Bestfriend's Homecoming

April 17, 2008

After almost 3 years, my bestfriend Lal was back in town for a couple of weeks so our college barkada (incomplete, as usual) met up at Amici for some dinner. We all missed Lal and did a lot of catching up. We did some reminiscing about our very "colorful" college days. Looking back at how we were back then and how our lives have been very different after almost 10 years of knowing each other. Being with the college barkada has always been a breath of fresh-air from each of our busy lives. Lal went back to Texas last April 20 and I miss her already! I've never really realized how much I missed my bestfriend after all these years, until now...

Take care of yourself always Lal! Come back soon (Pat's wedding, hopefully)! Love you! :)

Master Burger

April 16, 2008
Amorsolo Street corner Legaspi Village, Makati City

No, it's not about our dog Burger being the master of our house or anything like that...

It's Sango! The Burger Master.

I've always wanted to try out this burger joint for quite sometime now. Luckily, We were craving for some burgers and what better place to satisfy that craving than Sango!. I first heard about this place through my brother and Venice. They had all but good things to say about this burger joint and I was expecting the best based on their critique of the restaurant.

When we came to the Mile Long area to try out the restaurant, I first noticed a small Japanese store and wanted to go see if I could find some cool Japanese snacks that me and my brother could nibble on while watching late night television. The store was really packed with Japanese goodies and when we were browsing the aisles, I saw it! The mustard that I loved during our recent trip to Japan. It was made with real mustard seeds where you can see the mustard seed bits through it's tube, and I couldn't wait to try it out in Sango!

Coming in to Sango, I was a bit scared since the initial concept of the place when I first heard about it was quite different with the way it looked. My first thought when Ven and my brother told me about it was that it was a sort of high-end type burger joint that resembled the Chili's or the T.G.I.Fridays atmosphere. When we got there, it was an more average place with a cafe/diner appearance. I ordered the Master Burger since they said that it was what I should order first time there. I was thinking that I could not try the mustard that I bought on the burger since the Master Burger already had meat sauce over it so I bought a hotdog-on-a-stick as an extra just to try out the mustard.

The burger looked very appetizing. The size can be a lot bigger but when you smell it, you'll forget its size and immediately want to taste it. My mouth was literally watering in anticipation of the first bite. The burger was quite good. It wasn't about the burger meat though. It was more of a combination of the meat sauce and the burger meat that made it really good. A bigger/thicker hamburger patty would be awesome but I think the taste made up for it. The perfect blend of the sweet sauce with the patty's grilled flavor was really a different experience. It reminded me of a Sloppy Joe burger. Thank God for Joe! :)

Frankly though, I was more excited with the mustard than the actual burger! Definitely no words can describe the mustard's taste! You have to go to that Japanese store beside Sango and get one for yourself. It is simply amazing! Although it would not compare to the authentic mustard of the same kind that I tried during my recent visit to Japan but it was a sight for sore-eyes indeed. A simple hotdog tasting a 100 times better, what more can you ask for?

Our experience at Sango was a good one! Probably one of the best burgers I've ever tasted because of its difference from the normal burgers. The meat sauce was awesome and the price, very affordable. We will surely come back in the near future, hopefully.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yeah! Dang

April 14, 2008
Ye Dang
Metrowalk, Pasig City

Remember my post on So Woo? That crappy FAKE Korean restaurant in Harbour Center near CCP? Well DON'T! Ye Dang is a Korean restaurant near Metrowalk. My brother told me before that they had good food and I was really hesitant because of the bad experience with So Woo. BUT we were craving for some Korean yet again so we decided to try it.

Koreans eating, CHECK! Lots of appetizers, CHECK! Which were all really very good! And of course, Good Kimchi, CHECK!

The initial signs of a good Korean restaurant were all accounted for, now onto the classic Korean dishes:

Korean Beef Stew - A must have when eating Korean. Ye Dang's version was definitely a throwback to the Korean-style beef stew that I love in Kimchi. It was not BETTER than Kimchi's version but definitely something that could rival it. The taste was a perfect blend of sweetness and saltiness. The beef was really tender and it was marinated with the sauce very well. Very good beef stew!

Japchae - This is one of my favorite Korean dishes and Ye Dang definitely didn't fail to impress! The glass noodles were perfectly cooked except for some that are stuck in a bunch. The taste was really authentic and it was not bland at all. There was some meat bits which gave it a little bite. AND it had a big serving for a small price that we almost didn't finish it! The dish was very affordable and it was definitely well worth the price tag.

Kimchi Jjigae - We wanted some soup so we decided to get this. A kimchi-based soup with sliced beef and vegetables. The soup was so spicy that we were really perspiring amidst the cold air-conditioning. I love spicy food but I think that this was a bit spicier than what I had expected. I remember my sisters telling me that the food in Korea was very spicy and so I guess Ye Dang stayed true to the Korean cuisine. a less spicier version would have made this soup even better.

I would always say that in order to remove a bad taste of a certain cuisine in your mouth, try something better of the same cuisine. Ye Dang definitely made me come back to the Korean-side once again! :)

Carabao Treats

April 12, 2008
Serendra, Fort Bonifacio

After a lousy meal at Zao, we decided to cleanse our palettes using what else but a great dessert. Nothing makes you feel better like something really sweet. Like ice cream to the depressed. Now with regards to consumable quantity, it is definitely directly proportional to your specific, sad, sorry state.

My friend always wanted to try the Carabao Milkshake in Culliere and so we decided to head there. I wasn't in the mood for some sorry milkshake that you can buy anywhere and I was thinking: no milkshake is worth Php 195 since all milkshakes deliver the same milky, sugar high even if they just changed the milk used. So I ordered the Carabao's Milk Crème Brûlée instead, and I definitely made the wrong order. Don't get me wrong, the creme brulee was really good. It was presented like a normal creme brulee with the hard layer of caramel on top. The creme brulee itself was very creamy and different from the custard norm. This was when I realized that using carabao's milk instead of normal grocery milk is a great way to differentiate it from other kinds. It was a special kind of creme brulee and left a creamy texture in my tongue instead of the run-of-the-mill custard that would just slide off. The texture was not gelatinous, which show you the perfect mixture of milk and eggs. The combination of the caramelized sugar and the custard was absolutely heavenly.

Now you ask why I said that I made a mistake... The Carabao's Milk Creme Brulee was very good but the Carabao Milk Shake was equally good! The mistake was not that I ordered the creme brulee but that I did not order both!!! The Carabao Milkshake was definitely different. It was very rich and the texture was very creamy. It comes with different flavors: cheese and avocado to name a few. We tried the different flavors but I would have preferred the basic Carabao Milkshake untouched by other distracting flavors. Sad to say a plain milkshake was nowhere to be found in their menu. Nonetheless, these carabao treats in Cuillère are definitely something to try. Love it or leave it, you decide.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Zao Vietnamese Bistro

April 12, 2008
Serendra, Fort Bonifacio

I'm not quite fond of Vietnamese cuisine except for their Fresh Spring Rolls which I absolutely love! I've tried a couple of Vietnamese restaurants from the fast food Pho Hoa to the enchanting Bawai's in Tagaytay so we decided to try another one called Zao which can be found in Serendra, Fort Bonifacio. What a mistake it was for us...

In any cuisine, you have to try their specialty and the dish that specific cuisine is known for so I tried the Fresh Spring Rolls first. The dish was a complete classic and I love it! Not better than Bawai's but definitely something you should try in Zao. The peanut sauce was also good and accompanied the spring roll very well. Lacked a couple of more servings of shrimp inside the roll but nonetheless delicious.

Tried the Barbecued Pork Satay and it wasn't that special. Basic barbecue. Basic taste. Not worth it for the price. Oh, and I might add that the meat was really tough!

Lastly, the main dish, the classic Pho. I tried the Seafood Pho because I was feeling a bit fishy and wanted a good seafood dish. The Seafood Pho was a bit ordinary, nothing really new and it really didn't stand out! And oh yeah, they should change the name of the dish to "Shrimp" Pho instead of "Seafood" Pho. Only shrimps and a few fishballs were involved in the sad dish.

A friend of mine told me that the Vietnamese coffee in Zao was really strong and really good. I tried Bawai's coffee and I absolutely loved it! I was really full already with all the soup from the Pho that I was thinking twice in ordering an after dinner serving of coffee. Good thing the coffee lover in me won over my stomach's capacity since this was probably the best order you'll ever make in Zao. The drip coffee was absolutely strong and when mixed with evaporated milk (in the bottom of the glass, as served), it was heaven! Not better than Bawai's but awesome nonetheless!

In conclusion, Zao was another reason why I never really liked Vietnamese cuisine. It solidified my distaste for this kind of cuisine and for me, as long as they don't touch the classic Fresh Spring Roll, that's the only thing Vietnam I'm gonna eat (well except for Bawai's! Hehehe!). Poor cuisine, poor service, that's a good equation for Zao. Sadly, I Rank it even below that fast food joint, Pho Hoa.

Haute Street Food

April 11, 2008
Lime 88
Mandaluyong City

I'm very fond of street food. Eversince highschool, the thought of fishballs, squidballs, balut, and dirty ice cream would always make me anticipate dismissal time all the more. The watering of my mouth would precede the ringing of the bell when it comes to street food outside our high school. Come college, the University of the Philippines is well known for it's street food and in my opinion, they have the best isaws, kwek-kwek, and cheese sticks as far as I am concerned. I don't know what is it about street foods that I absolutely go bonkers for... Maybe the nostalgia of the past or the comfort it gives me... Maybe the sense of being "at home"...

When I heard about Lime 88 from my sister via Anton Blogs, I was so excited to try it out. Frankly though, the thought of street foods with a twist makes my wallet shake in fear a little bit. Here's a quick look at what we sampled and a bit of a critique:

Roti Prata - A take on the classic Indian street food. This was a perfect take and I love how it was flavored to replicate the classic taste. The curry sauce was not that strong though. I love a strong curry flavor and the sauce was more sweet that spicy.

Ice Scramble - It a poorman's halo-halo and the Pinoys love to snack on this especially with our warm weather. This ice scramble was nice but it lacked a certain flavor or maybe it was the wrong combination of the restaurant atmosphere against the street food quality of the ice scramble.

Street Food Plater - Classic barbecued street foods in one plate. This was awesome, all the flavors were authentic. The only thing wrong about this is that they sample only 3 kinds. On the top of my head I can think of 10 street foods. Quality was good, quantity was not.

Balut With Red Wine Sauce - A posh take on the balut egg we all love. A Pinoy classic that I don't think should be messed with. The balut's authenticity is destroyed and its flavor, dilapidated by the presence of any sauce or breading. Balut should be eaten by cracking the eggshell, sprinkling salt or adding vinegar (whichever you prefer), drinking the soup, and eating EVERYTHING!

Kare-Kare Osso Bucco - Another degradation of a classic. More bone than meat and it had a gamy taste to it.

Baked Oysters - The oysters were not of good quality and left a fishy, sour, metallic taste in my mouth. I was definitely not a fan of this dish.

Longanisa Pizza - This was a Pinoy take on the classic Italian Pizza. The "pinoy" ingredients used were sweet tomato sauce and longanisa. This tasted like any normal pizza dish but the longanisa was very good! Sweet with a jolt of spiciness!

Tilapia With Mango Salsa - Loved this dish. The fish tasted fresh (I hope it was) and the combination of the mango salsa together with the fish's meat was definitely lovely.

Curried Meatballs - Salty and nothing special.

Quail Egg Tempura - This is always good. High-blood enemy, but good! :) Did I mention I love their vinegar?

Chicken Breast Stuffed With Kangkong And Kesong Puti - This dish was absolutely awesome! The chicken breast was cooked perfectly. The juxtaposition of flavors was absolutely magical! ALTHOUGH, more kesong puti would've highly been appreciated! :)

Lime88 was a disappointment. I didn't like their take on Pinoy street food deconstruction. I think it is overrated and the "twist" they were talking about was not at all out of the box. A bit more studying on molecular gastronomy would definitely work wonders...

Service was really slow and unaccommodating. It seemed that the service crew were not trained really well. Price-wise: VERY expensive when you come to think of it. Except for some awesome dishes, you are better off eating at your friendly street food vendor than in Lime88.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Vampire Eyes

Been watching this new anime series, Vampire Knight and this thing that one of the vampire characters said hit me:

In these eyes that have become accustomed to darkness, it's really bright...

This made me thinking how much some people have been hurt so bad that when true love finally presents itself to them, they don't realize it because they build a wall to shield themselves away from it. Scared to love again because of the expected pain it may bring again. Yes, the rip-your-heart-out-of-your-chest kinda hurt. The heartbreaking pain of love. You know what I mean, we've all experienced this one way or the other sometime in our existence. Unfair as it may seem that some people get hurt so bad that they may never find happiness and love again, this should not be the case. Being hurt makes you stronger. Bright lights, yeah it'll blind you for a bit... but think of it this way, you can get accustomed to the bright light amidst the darkness too. That is how are eyes are built for. This is how we are built for. To evolve. To adapt.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Synthesizer Overload

April 10, 2008
Araneta Coliseum

Synthesizer Overload. Two words that best describe the recent concert of 80's great, Duran Duran! I mean my ears were literally ringing from all the synthesizers after the concert! I don't think there was a song in their repertoire WITHOUT the 80's song must have, The Synthesizer!

Front act was local band Sandwich who sang two or three songs. I forget since I was busy waiting for Duran Duran. :)

The concert started, surprisingly, on time and everybody was screaming like crazy! Crowd was composed more of the 30's and above age bracket since that was when Duran Duran was at their peak. The evening was an excellent throwback to the times when a Duran Duran poster was on our room wall before. I really had fun listening to their famous hits (I knew about 5-6 out of 10+ songs, which makes me a decent fan I think)! It was really fun spending time with my sister. We had fun comparing Simon Le Bon's voice to Blake Lewis and his moves to Hugh Grant in the movie Music and Lyrics. Awesome awesome voice though! I can say that he still has it even after all these years! People say that their a has-been band already and no one listens to them anymore but when you see their fans singing ALL their songs by the lyric, you come to realize that they can never be a has-been band, ICONS can never be a has-been.

Thanks Perri for the tickets and thank you MTV for pimping my night! :)

Pictures at my multiply, click here!
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