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Zucchini's Grill And Vinotek

February 1, 2008
Zucchini's Grill And Vinotek
Quezon City

It was a year ago since I ate at Zucchini's and it was indeed worth the wait. My friend told me that Zucchini changed its location from Timog Avenue, where my first visit was, to Scout Tuazon. It was much more secluded now and had the more fine dining feel to it. Harder to find, but a better location indeed. We arrived a little before dinner and good thing the place wasn't packed, just a couple of families at the other table. This Zucchinni had a better atmosphere and a more high-end vibe to it, the place was bigger, and the servers more hospitable (a little in excess but hospitable still).

We had a hard time ordering since we both knew that food in Zucchini was really good and it was not a choice of which was a great dish but WHICH great dish to order. We ended up with the Minestrone Soup, the Lamb Chops, and the Spinach Ravioli.

The first to arrive was the bread and the Minestrone Soup. The bread was indeed very nice, it was warm and toasty. A slightly roasted garlic flavor was infused in the bread which is always good. My only comment was there was not enough bread to go around! :) The Minestrone Soup was very flavorful. It was as good as it should be, a comfort food and Zucchini's was indeed very comforting... I love the texture, chunkiness, and rustic approach to the soup. Very appetizing visually and full of flavor! The soup in itself was amazing but when you mix the basil-pesto infusion, it was heaven!

The Ravioli and the Lamb Chops arrived almost simultaneously and it was a good thing since our appetites were now going wild. I was craving for Ravioli for quite some time now and this was the perfect answer to that craving. The Spinach Ravioli was really good, the sauce was creamy and was the perfect accompaniment for the Ravioli. The Ravioli itself was a bit bland for my taste but when you incorporate it with the glistening cream sauce, the taste was just right! We ordered some Parmesan Cheese to top the Ravioli dish, they served us real grated Parmesan Cheese and not grocery variation (in the green bottle, you know what I'm referring to! Hehehe!) which was really nice! Pasta and Parmesan! Perfect combination!

Onto the meat (pardon the pun) of the matter, the Lamb Chop were so good! It was aesthetically appealing with the arrangement and the side dish. The caramelization of the Lamb Chops was perfectly golden brown and when you slice it, it was pinkish but not undercooked. The meat was very tender and you could easily tell that the meat purchased was of good quality. The meat was not marinated with anything but salt and pepper yet the taste was not at all gamy. I must compliment the chef on the fabulous way of preparing and cooking the chops! We loved it!

You know, with food like this, you wouldn't really be looking heavily on the price tag! I promise you, as I tasted the Lamb Chops, I didn't care to look at the price anymore since I knew it was worth it! I mean, 4 pieces of tender, tasty, lovely meat?!? That's 4 minutes of heaven in your mouth! Priceless when you think about it...

I'll come back to Zucchini sometime soon, I hear their Sea-Bass is to die for...


Sakai said...

yup theri sea bass is very good, thick and cooked perfectly.. for 950 pesos ..

oliboy said...

yup we'll go and try that next time! thanks sakai! :)

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