Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random Thoughts: Life Update Edition

Just got back from Japan. Food was great and Japan is great but not if you're handicapped! Awesome handicap comfort rooms though! AND YEAH, I'm sorry but I really had to try whale meat there... Yes, I'm ashamed... It's a one-time deal, I promise! Sorry! :(

Hooray! Gonna get my cast removed tomorrow and I'm so excited I'm planning trips out of town already. May 17-19 to Boracay (hopefully)!

If you wanna stop people from using drugs and/or stop the addiction to drugs, you should let them watch Paula Abdul on American Idol. Every moment she's shown on the screen, a caption will pop up and read: ALERT! YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS!. This would definitely rid the world of the problem on drug addiction.

The Philippines is the crappiest country there is but I love it to death! If only we'd take care of it, that would be awesome! But like anything in life, you can't have it all...

So there, see you on the next update but for now I leave you with the biggest freakin' oyster I've ever seen and eaten recently at Century Seafood Restaurant:


ALiNe said...

Welcome back... uhmmm pasalubong? Lolz!

oliboy said...

dpa ba dumadating yung pina-FEDex ko? teka try ko LBC... :)

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