Monday, March 10, 2008

A Little Bit Helpless

Been feeling quite helpless nowadays, maybe this injury is getting to my head. I've been a great fan of life and the joys it gives me doing what I love. It's sad that for a couple of weeks now, my life has been so monotonous. I go home at night and go to the office during the day. That has been my daily routine nowadays since I couldn't go out having fun, diving, surfing, or traveling because of my crappy injury. I miss my friends, I miss going to restaurants and add food reviews on my blog. I miss going to the beach. Only thing I can do is watch the tube and grab a hold of a bit of humanity, living through the lives of others. Watching clips of travelers and divers doing what I want to do, isn't helping one bit you know? Yeah, I know that this is only a temporary injury and I'll be able to walk normally in a couple of weeks but I think I'm starting to crack! Again, shadenfreude-ish of me but thinking about others less-fortunate compared to my case is what keeps me going nowadays. It's just a small injury compared to those with paralysis or those really handicapped and here I am writing a blog and being whinny about it... stupid ain't it? Maybe this stupidity though will help me go through 2 weeks more in cast and 4 months of rehabilitation and make me a better person... I believe that everything happens for a reason and I really hope what happened to me has a good enough reason or I'll definitely go completely nuts!

Update: Going to Doctor Eufemio on Wednesday, March 12 for a change in the positioning of my ankle with a brand new cast... and MAYBE a fitting for a "walkable" cast! Fingers-crossed!


ALiNe said...

Positive thinking helps :) breathe in and out. You will be fine!

Uhmmm .. Try cross stiching kaya.. kidding :)

oliboy said...

hahaha! thanks aline! cross stitching?!?

i'll be removing the cast na and start to walk with both legs this week... i'm so excited! :)

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