Monday, February 04, 2008

Stuck At Home

I'm stuck here at home because a hyper-extended calf muscle. I yanked it hard when I was playing basketball and my right shoe slipped on court last Sunday which forced my ankle to fold like a clam and thus pulling a calf muscle. I immediately went to the local maghihilot (traditional bone setter) and he performed a very quick remedy or first-aid on my calf. He was a cute dude, 93 years old, and has been a manghihilot for 23 years now. He told me that in every generation of his family, there comes a born-manghihilot who will continue their family's legacy. He was really nice, which made the excruciating pain I felt a bit bearable. Today, my whole calf is swolen and walking is pretty hard. I downed a pain killer and anti-inflammatory... and now I'm drowsy like hell! Maybe it's the pain killer talking but a couple of thoughts came into mind... How does the pain-killer find the pain? How does the anti-inflammatory find the inflammed area? Does it pinpoint the location, then attack or does it numb everything? So in a sense, eases the swollen area and take away the pain... this sounds like the perfect cure for an unrequited love and an earth-shattering heartache, don't you think?


ALiNe said...

Haha cute dude ba? ;p I too have family manghihilot.. pero di pa ganun katanda!

Pain pain go away for you!

oliboy said...

hahaha! oo tanda na nya but strong kaya nga cute sya e! hahaha! bad trip dapat di na ako nagbasketball! ngayon sobrang sakit na!

thanks aline! hope it's better na in a couple of days...

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