Friday, January 18, 2008

Mickey's Delicatessen

January 12, 2008
Jupiter Street, Makati City

Went on a food trip with Elaine and Jen to Mickey's Delicatessen. It was sad though that we didn't get to order the sausages which was actually the restaurant's specialty. What we ordered though was great. We all decided to get sour dough from the artisan bread area and ask the waiters to slice and warm it for us. The bread was awesome. Perfect quality (though Jen's homemade sour dough was better) and together with the herb butter, it was definitely a great start. Together with the brread, we decided to go for the pork knuckles instead of the sausages. Jen said that the three of us couldn't finish all the pork knuckles and all the bread so we opt to order it the NEXT time we go back. Anyway, the pork knuckles was very juicy and tasty. It was deep fried, yet it wasn't dry and bland. The oil didn't solidify right away which means the oil used was of good quality. The meat was tender and you can really chew it without worrying about getting meat strings between your teeth. The taste was not bland and the meat had good flavor. Not a bit gamy. I don't think the meat was marinated, only salt and pepper but it sill was very tasty. This is my first time at Mickey's and I don't think it'll be my last... not until I taste their famous sausages...


May 16, 2008

I always keep my promises so I'm back at Mickey's Delicatessen to finally get a chance to sample their famous sausages. Once again, the rain was pouring outside and I thought to myself that it was so coincidental that everytime I get to visit Mickey's, the clouds weep. This isn't quite a bad thing though cause eating while it's raining outside is one of my favorite times. Anyway, onto the sausages. We ordered the Nurnburger Sausages, which was the house specialty and a must try at Mickey's. Probably one of the best sausages I've ever tasted. The perfect blend of spices and flavor of the sausage was lovely. The robust aroma of the sausage could easily make anyone's mouth water. The texture of the sausage was quite good also. Not much extenders were put in like normal grocery sausages. You know that this one is the real deal! The sausage was really juicy and not as dry as I would expect it to be. Very very good! The sausage order comes with Sauerkraut which is an authentic German dish, literally translated as "sour cabbage". It is usually an accompaniment or used as a topping for hotdog sandwiches in the States (ala Papaya King). The Nurnbergers were also accompanied by two mustards, a basic mustard and a sweet mustard. It was both perfect dippings for the scrumptious dish. This is officially my favorite dish in Mickey's and is a must try for a first-timer in Mickey's.

Not having enough sausages, we ordered again another set but this time with warm potato salad as siding instead of the Sauerkraut. I prefer the Sauerkraut but the warm potato salad was very good too. To put some carbohydrates in our bodies, we decided to try their pizza. We ordered the Quattro Formaggio Pizza. Although we know that pizza is not one of the German's specialty, we ordered it anyway. A blessing though, because it was really good! The Lartisan bread used to make the pizza was very very good. The pizza was very aromatic and looked really appetizing. The taste was a mixture of 4 very good cheeses and I'm sorry that I was too engulfed by the thought of eating it that I forgot to note down the 4 cheeses involved in this masterpiece. My only complain would be MORE CHEESE PLEASE!

Don't think that this is my last time at Mickey's. Rain or shine I WILL definitely go back. I promise!

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