Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In N' Out Steakhouse

January 23, 2008
(Now Slice N' Dice)
Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

Me, Perri, Marge, Nikki, Steph

We've always wanted to try this steakhouse since it advertised P99 steaks! Of course we lowered our expectations because what you do expect from a P99 steak? I was amazed that the restaurant was jam-packed with people at around 8pm which was actually quite late for dinner. Anyways, we were excited to try out the steakhouse so we began ordering... We started with the baked mussels as appetizers. It was really lovely because i love the smell of butter and cheese as it browns on the sizzling plate it was served on. The aroma of the garlic oil was an added bonus as it made my mouth water. The mussel were not bearded so I spent some time biting of the mussel beards on my own. The taste was quite fine but not great. It was just enough to pass of growing hunger and anticipation for the actual main dish, the steak!

P99 only included the actual steak. Getting side dishes like rice and/or mashed potatoes required you to add an additional of P12. I had the T-bone steak on its own and savored every bit of it. The cut was kinda thin so the steak was kinda overdone. I think the server forgot to ask how we wanted our steaks cooked (or since the steak cut was so thin, how it is cooked really didn't matter). The taste was normal. Not your high-end variety steak but I must say, for the price it was not that bad. For 200 bucks you can have to steaks and you'd be so full to even care how it tasted. Again, I must reiterate: What do you expect from a 99-peso steak? So care not how it tastes and be thankful there is such a thing as In N' Out's 99-peso T-BONE steak! :)


Alfred said...

Good day, I would just like to ask if you have a contact no. for this restaurant cause im planning to ask the management if they are willing to franchise their business here in cebu.

oliboy said...

hey alfred! thanks for passing by... sorry don't know the management.

will try to research on it and get back to you asap! :)

Alfred said...

Ok, thanks.

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