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January 3, 2008

Finally, I was able to take some pictures at Chelsea. The last time I was here, I forgot to bring a decent camera to take pictures of some awesome food! I wanted to try a new dish so I didn't order the Chilean Seabass (again) much as Aileen would have wanted to taste it. I ordered the Herb Salmon instead and she ordered the Wagyu Steak. In Chelsea, the best part of the meal was the bread served for free... Best, not only because it was for free but because this was probably the best free-bread giveaway ever! The roasted garlic was the focal point to this "appetizer", without it, this would be any ordinary bread. Foccaccia bread with roasted garlic and rock salt to taste... simply wonderful! :)

Next up, the Herb Salmon... I thin this was a bit overcooked in the oven... The outer part of the salmon was a bit dry and bland, good thing there was a bit of olive oil drizzled over it making it a bit moist. It became better as I neared the center of the salmon cut, it became more moist and tasty. So I guess I was correct with the overcooked assumption at first glance! :)

Aileen ordered the Wagyu steak... It was kinda expensive and in my opinion, I think a good rib-eye steak cooked right can be better than any high-grade Wagyu steak! A tip though, in ordering Wagyu steak, order it medium-rare to maximize the flavor and taste of real Wagyu steak. Overcooked Wagyu steak is just not that good. Overcooked plus overpriced steak is just not worth a thousand bucks! :(

Ok, it's dessert time and it has been weeks that I've been craving for panna cotta. Aileen promised me a great panna cotta at Balducci's but she FAILED me! Well, I guess it was not her fault that the panna cotta was small and had a woody taste to it. We were thinking that maybe the panna cotta that we had was the last slice and it had a long sitting time making it smaller and less fresh. It also had a woody or burnt taste, maybe in the cooking or the utensils/container used. Panna cotta should be pure, milky, and creamy. It's flavor should be free from other flavors except for the accompanying fruit or sweet topping. Don't worry Balducci, we'll be back to "re-taste" your panna cotta to see if we were just unlucky or your panna cotta isn't actually the best I've ever tasted.


Jen Tan said...

kras..baket di nyo ako sinama =(

try the pannacotta at le opera..simply d best..and i am NO cream know that ;P hehehe

foodtrip again with avt...let's go!!!

oliboy said...

ganti lang yan kasi di ka nagsasama rin! hahaha! sure anytime! you know me! :)

Anonymous said...

sayang yun wagyu, i had wagyu at DUO and the taste was divine, iba yun juicyness and tenderness compared to Angus beef...

Anonymous said...
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oliboy said...

should have gone to DUO instead! hahaha! next time I'll try that dude! :)

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