Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Avenue Q

December 15, 2007
Avenue Q
RCBC Plaza, Makati City

Thank you Jacko for the extra ticket. Watching Avenue Q was really really worth. I'd even pay more for better seats! I loved the play. Perfect comedic timing and the actors were really really good. Even with puppets, the actors interacted with the crowd and acted along the puppets. I mean, just think about how they practiced everything to perfection. Noticed just one miscue but that's it... The rest of the play was PERFECT. Funny and satirical. One thing though, I wish they could have changed it to a more Philippine setting (version). Some jokes were very "American", meaning normal Filipinos would not get it because it pertains to an American setting. Some adlibs were done and it was well received by the audience. I hope more adlibs to suit the Philippine taste would be added. I could just imagine not being able to stop laughing with that! Love the songs: "If You Were Gay" and "The Internet Is... For Porn"! And of course the infamous "sex-scene"! Very entertaining! I'd watch it again... who has tickets?

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