Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Breakfast At Antonio's

Breakfast At Antonio's, Tagaytay City

It was a long weekend and we decided to go to Tagaytay for some R&R. We decided to go to Breakfast At Antonio's since we figured, if we were gonna lose all our money in the casino, we might as well have a great meal before... I was mistaken though... Good news first: The ambiance of the Breakfast was really nice... cozy! You can describe it as a high-end Heaven And Eggs... The weather was really cold and foggy so I think that added to the coziness of the place. Warren said that the waffles were amazing and so were the hot chocolate choices but I didn't listen and got the burger instead. What a mistake that was... First off, the waiter didn't ask how I wanted my burger to be cooked (should have seen it coming, huh?). Don't get me wrong, when my order arrived it looked really nice. Took a bite and it was fair... Not the burger I expected from a "high-end" place. I think the prices are a bit high for the dishes they serve. On the other hand, don't take my word for it since I still haven't tried the other food choices. I only tried the burger... Not worth it, go and try something else.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pet Peeves

Saw this in one of the testimonials in friendster:

>elow pow muztah nah pow????????????? xenxa nah if now lang pow aq nkagwa ng testi q sau.................. ei ng pal ate testimonial q antay q ha!!!!!!!
>psssst nga pla ganda ng lyrics ng heaven knows moh eh... gawa moh q ha........................
>oi nga pla muztah nah utol moh??????????? pkiask naman pow mizq na xa i pwede........
>elow moh na rin aq ha......if ok lng pow en pkiask na rin pow kng meron nah xa......?? if meron na pow xang gf now.................?!?
>ate jhen antay q testi q ha........ ei nga pla xenxa na f naging mataray aq lately ganon lng talaga pow aq...... but this time i"be good en nice friend to u why? coz urvery nice 2 me nman eh................ryt??????

I just HATE people writing and texting like this! There should be a ban on this stupidity!

Oh another pet peeve of mine is FRIGGIN metal windchimes (goosebumps)! I HATE THEM!!!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Desperate Senator?

When asked about the Desperate Housewives issue:
"I am mortally offended by the statement because it betrayed the racial prejudice and denigrates the excellent performance of world-class Filipino doctors in the US," said Senator Miriam Santiago, whose sister is a doctor working in Los Angeles.

Weren't she the one who said that the CHINESE were the ones who invented corruption?!? Isn't that also a "racial slur"? Kinda Ironic, huh? I wonder why is Miriam so vocal/KSP nowadays? Is she running for any presidential seat (AGAIN)?!? I mean I admire Miriam Santiago's genius and I love her quick thinking, but it apears that her quick thinking ability goes straight to mouth...

Think first before you talk Miriam, it's just a waste of your talent if you don't...

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mr. Potato Head Is An Addict

Good move na sana... Hehehe!

Australian Customs Officials Discover Large Ecstasy Stash Inside Mr. Potato Head Doll

SYDNEY, Australia — Customs officers discovered nearly 300 grams (10.5 ounces) of ecstasy tablets hidden inside a Mr. Potato Head toy sent to Australia from Ireland, the agency said Thursday.

Upon opening the parcel, the officers were greeted with the smiling face of the popular children's toy, which features a potato-like head and removable facial features. But when they removed a panel from the back of the toy, the officers found 293 grams (10.34 ounces) of ecstasy in a plastic bag.

The Australian Customs Service referred the matter to federal police, but no arrests were immediately made, the agency said. The maximum penalty for importing drugs to Australia is life imprisonment.

"Whilst this is one of the more unusual concealments that we have seen in recent times, people need to be aware that Customs officers are alert to unusual and often outlandish methods of concealment," Customs Director Post Karen Williams said in the statement.

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