Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Manos Po!

September 8, 2007
Tagaytay City

It was gonna be a boring weekend so the NEW tripod (Ven, Jen, and I) decided to go to have a roadtrip to Tagaytay to eat at Manos Greek Tavern and maybe go up Taal Volcano cause I really haven't gone up there... Ven backed out so Jen and I decided to push through with the roadtrip.

First stop Manos Greek Tavern: I've heard so much about this place from friends and other blogs but this is actually my first time here. The place is easily accessible since it's on the side of the road and highly visible. It was raining so hard so I had fewer photos outside the place, I only had the chance to take pictures after our lunch and when the rain subsided. The ambiance is quite simple and doesn't actually resemble Greek culture. It is more adapted to the Filipino carinderia style. We tried their Tatziki (a dip composed of cucumber and yogurt) and their Greek bread. The dip was really nice and refreshing but our only comment was that the serving was a bit small. The bread was nice though, but the bread is much better with butter than with the dip. I guess if the dip was served with pita bread or something, it would have been a better appetizer.

Onto the main course: To test if the ANY cuisine is really any good, you must try the specialty of the cuisine. Like in Greek culture, they're most famous for their Gyros, Lamb, Moussaka, and Baklava. I was not in the mood for gyros so we decided to try their Grilled Lambchops and their Moussaka. The Grilled Lambchops was very tender and from our seat, you can smell it grilling in the kitchen. The lamb's actual smell was really unnoticeable, good thing since lamb has this weird smell if not marinated or cooked correctly. The lambchops were really tender and cooked just right. It was a bit dry but since it was grilled, the dryness was quite normal. The moussaka was our carbohydrate. A Moussaka is like a potato lasagna. Lasagna is one of my favorite dishes so this Moussaka had to be good. To my surprise, I liked their Moussaka. It was not dry and the cut was just exact and you can see the layers of potatoes and ground meat. It was really nice! The ground meat was flavorful and so are the potatoes. (While browsing the menu when we arrived, we decided to save the Baklava for dessert but completely forgotten to order it and left without tasting it... What a waste! Next time we come back, I'll surely be trying the Baklava.)

To conclude: I always see Manos Greek Tavern everytime I go to the Tagaytay and think of the location as a poor man's Greek resto but I was really wrong. This is a perfect example of the saying: Don't judge a book by it's cover! The facade doesn't really give credit to the food's closeness to actual Greek cuisine. I think this is the best Greek food I've ever tasted. The service is quite good. The manager/owner is very hospitable. And the price: Php 350-400 per head (Not bad for something worth it!)

Next stop on our roadtrip: Bag of Beans. We stayed there for coffee and I went a little camera crazy... check out the pictures here. Coffee and conversation is a perfect combination.

On the way home, we passed by an organic farm and looked at some of their products. There were so many herbs and I'll come back to get some for my "planned" herb garden.

That was our foodtrip slash roadtrip to Manos Greek Tavern... tune in to the next one! :)


Jen Tan said...

It was a great roadtrip kras! The food was good and tama lang ang price!

I had an uber fun day with you..from the food TRIP...coffee-capade..garden adventure..to Rogue Assassin ...'till the drinkin' spree....I guess TWOPODS is better than ONE =) hahaha

'till our next voyage!!! hahaha

oliboy said...

yeah! too bad ven couldn't join us! the TRIPOD was not complete! this weekend daw sabi ng mga sisters ko! another roadtrip! :)

Greek Geek said...

Shouldn't Moussaka be more appropriately described as "eggplant lasagna" rather than potato lasagna? I've eaten Moussaka several times and checked out recipes. All the versions I have tried and recipes I've read use eggplant rather than potato.

oliboy said...

the one they served us was made from potatoes. maybe a variant. thanks for the clarification greek geek. :)

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