Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I was saddened by the announcement of our former president Joseph Estrada's verdict. The 6-year case has now reached it's end and it has been declared: Joseph "Erap" Estrada is found guilty beyond reasonable doubt in his plunder case and is sentence to life imprisonment. He was acquitted though of his perjury case.
I'm not a lawyer or anything and I don't really care if he's guilty or not, I just really felt sad for Erap... The betrayal of his friends and the people who conspired against him. Yes, maybe he cheated millions of Filipinos with bogus funds and secret accounts. But the question is, WHO HASN'T?!? If every government official would be tried in their so called RULE OF LAW, Erap would have a big PARTY in his cell. It would be like a rave inside Muntinlupa! Well at least the government would all be united, BEHIND BARS! Imagine Jose Velarde and Jose Pidal in one cell! That would be fun! Well I guess It's just that the others had the brains to get away with it and Erap didn't. Too bad for Erap, he trusted so many people around him and didn't really think things over. I'm not sad because I'm PRO-Erap. I'm not sad because I think he's innocent. I'm sad because of the fact that he was betrayed and conspired upon. It is sad to think that you can do anything, even the most gruesome things imaginable but with money and power get away with it... JUST DON'T TRUST ANYBODY!

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