Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Two Firsts In One Tagaytay

August 4-5, 2007
Richmore/Bawai's, Tagaytay City

They say there's always a first time for everything and I guess everyday, we all come across things we experience only for the first time and eventually never forget it. Our getaway to Tagaytay was one of these and I was surprised by the way I felt afterwards...

Tagaytay was a usual place we go to every now and then to chill. Chinang asked all the people close to him (hint hint hint Arlyn!) to go to Tagaytay over the weekend to have some karaoke and eat at Bawai's (a Vietnamese restaurant) unknown to Arlyn the events to come. After a night of some singing and some booze, we ate breakfast on the 5th at Pancake house because everybody was soooo hungry. We chilled back at our place and waited for lunchtime.

Lunchtime, Chinang had reserved us a big table at Bawai's had a heavenly lunch. The food was great and a cool breeze was blowing throughout the place. It was perfect indeed. And then it happened, Chinang had a speech and all and knelt down on one knee to ask Lyn to be her wife. Although I knew what was about to happen, I was moved by the whole event. This was my first time to experience an actual proposal. Call me sentimental and all but I was really touched. You see, I forgot how love felt. Shut it out when my heart got broken. But with this experience, this is the first time I've ever felt hope... Our hearts can be broken and we can forget about love but the fact still remains, somehow love will find a way back into our hearts. Making us realize that all the heartache and the pain we felt in the past was all worth it... just having a moment like this makes it all worth it...

Congrats to one of my dearest kabarkadas Chinang and Lyn. Thank you for making me believe again...

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