Tuesday, August 28, 2007

In Search Of Everybody

August 26-27, 2007

The gang decided to have an impromptu roadtrip during the long weekend. We were looking for Everybody's Cafe, a restaurant which serves exotic food like crickets, frogs, and deer. After our awesome win during our basketball game, we decided to go on a roadtrip since it was a long weekend and we all didn't have work on Monday. We decided either we go south to Tagaytay or north to Pampanga and Subic, and since there were construction along the SLEX, we went to the north side. Matthew picked up the Binondo Badminton Squad (Peachy, Nikki, Michelle, Tin, and Sher). I was with Jen and we picked up Ven, War, and Din. We all met up at Shell SLEX and it was raining so hard!!! We tried to let the rain die down so we can continue our roadtrip.

First in our agenda was to find Everybody's Cafe. Since we couldn't find it, we decided to push towards Subic cause Sher already booked us lodging there. We opted to search for Everybody's on the way back. The roadtrip was great since we were all laughing throughout the whole ride. Thanks Jen for the entertainment! Hahaha! We stayed at Legenda Suites in Subic. Ate pizza at Aresi. Ate Max's chicken and Crispy Pata as "pulutan" and Drank vodka/sprite in our room.

Next day, we had breakfast at Extremely Espresso. Thanks to Jen for leading us to this awesome breakfast place. We had a great breakfast! After that, we went looking for Zoobic but the whole tour would take 2 hours so we didn't push through it anymore! What a waste!!! Next time, next time!

After checking out, we went back to Pampanga to eat at The Original Razon's, we just ate "merienda" here since our plan was to eat at Everybody's for dinner. The Binondo Badminton Squad went ahead to Manila so we decided to continue looking on our own. We located Everybody's and we were so excited in trying the exotic food... We only had one problem: We were still so full from our "merienda" at Razon's! :( We all decided to at least try the food via ordering half-orders so we can at least taste everything.

The crickets were surprisingly good. The stuffed frog was a little tough and overcooked but nice still. The best thing for me was the Kapampangan Dinuguan. I love dinuguan! :) Bloated and full, we went back to Manila satisfied and glad that our trip was safe and for, at the last minute, we accomplished our goal!

I love roadtrips! We should do this everyweek! Or at least every long weekend! The company was great! Food was great! And I think in every roadtrip, good food plus great friends is always a good equation for fun.

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Jen Tan said...

It was really great Krass!!! I am missing Subic already =(

We should really do this more often..ala WOW PHILIPPINES adventure series!hahahaha Thank you Kras ah!!!

Saya mag-out of town, sarap kumain! =)

oliboy said...

yeah we should! we can make a travel and food blog!

until next time! :)

Jen Tan said...

game ako jan!!!! =)

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