Thursday, August 23, 2007

Forbidden Questions

from ren:
ala "Goodtimes with Mo" @ 89.9

Worst thing done to a friend?
"i made the biggest mistake of falling in love with my bestfriend" (marvin agustin to jolina)

Craziest thing done when drunk?
too drunk to even remember...

Lost virginity when?

Did you have any plastic surgery?

Which friend had plastic surgery?
does eyelid surgeory count?

When was the last time you watched porn?

If you were to make a Pinoy Brokeback Mountain, it would be with?
eww! i don't like birds

Which friend has the worst BO?

Cellphone's 5th message in inbox?
from chinang - business message

Worst dresser friend?
all are cool dressers

Most plastic person you know?
my mom? hehehe!

Ever had one night stand?
does one "morning" stand count? hehehe!

Feeling pogi or maganda?
me, but i'm pogi talaga (sabi ng mom ko -- then again see 11th question)

Drama Queen?
me, i'm emo e... hahaha!

Maganda or Pogi sa mga friends? Least liked?
sa barkada ba to?

Couple friend that will not last?
sharon and gabby, ay hiwalay na pala sila... sharon-gabby ibalik! ibalik!

When was the last time you pleasured yourself?

Have you ever picked up a guy/girl before?

How big is your "wang" (for guys)/ boobs (for girls)?
you know what an anaconda is? hindi ganon...

Who is your ultimate girl Crush?
before: midy nacague, now: nanin guevara

Have you slept with someone famous?
nope, i want to though

Man crush?
david beckham

Have you ever cheated on a GF/BF?
technically, no :)

Have you ever slept with a friend’s BF/GF?
of course not

Who would you like to go out with among your friends?
i go out with everyone... gimik e :)

Do you have any sex videos?
"click" *deleted*

Drugs that you have tried?
i will try everything at least once...

Have you ever been intimate with a non-human?
does chatting count?

How far you went to checked on BF/GF’s Fidelity?
i trust my gf

Craziest place you’ve done it?
swimming pool ata... baduy!

Who among your friends have you had sexual encounter?

teka, do i have the option to tap-out? DAMN I FORGOT! hehehe!

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