Friday, August 24, 2007

Chef Oliboy

Due to the lack of tv series to watch (well, except from Entourage), I started looking around for cancelled shows. I'm thinking that since some of the current tv shows are on a hiatus, I'd watch cancelled tv series and get over at least a season or two to make up the long break. The current shows that I watch come back around end of September so it's perfect timing.

I was watching ETC one time and came across Kitchen Confidential during one of its promos. I've heard about this before from my sister Steph (Chef Steph) and wanted to download it but I was, like I said, busy with current shows that I didn't have time to download this one... I'm watching it right now (well, episode 1 and 2 since the series download hasn't finished yet) and I can say that it is really funny... It's based on Anthony Bourdain's book Kitchen Confidential and is about the crazy life of chefs in and out of the kitchen. Kitchen Confidential caters to a niche audience and shows the ins and outs of the kitchen. If you've tried working in a kitchen, you'll really love this series. It brings back all the times I've been in the Edsa-Shangrila kitchen and when I studied at AICA's kitchen under Chef Pete Ayson and Chef Rob Pengson (shameless plug: Chef Rob has a show now at QTV entitled Chef To Go. Watch it!) and I MISS IT! I love being in the kitchen! I miss the smell. I miss the pressure that comes with it! I hope our new kitchen at home would be much better so I can fullfill my frustration as a chef. It won't be until next year that I take a crash course again in a culinary school (I wanna take a crash course once a year to keep me up with actual restaurant-style kitchen movement so I won't be rusty) so I hope I can practice my skills at home as much.

What can I say, I'm a frustrated chef and I salute those who are chefs or are in the restaurant business... more power to you guys. If only I could do what I love as a profession... sigh...

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Jen Tan said...

Anyone can cook krass!!! hahahaha ;P Kelan mo ba ako ipagcook ng full course dinner??? Ang na-taste ko lang ay yun Christmas party beef concoction mo ;phehehehe

Krass naman...ang haba ng post and NO PIC! ;P

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