Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My New Toy

Got this during my recent trip to Singapore... Got it pretty cheap but like any bargain-hunter, my mom and I hit some rough spots in our camera-buying quest. Well, I can't give an actual tip in buying a camera, but here are some things you should know when buying in Singapore (or any Hong Kong style sellers):
1. Buy with a purpose: Don't go there NOT knowing what you want to buy... research on the item you want to buy and don't let the seller persuade you to buy something else. That is their tactic, since they can't sell you the item you want at a more expensive price, they'll sell you another item that may not be of the same quality.
2. Buy quality: Don't get tricked into buying an item which is cheaper than you expected. Sometimes they change the items included into 3rd party accessories or remove some free items from the package.
3. Don't trust anybody: Check on the item's availability first before asking the price. Some sellers shout a lower price making you return after "canvassing around" and low-and-behold his/her stock mysteriously is now out of stock. This is a Hong Kong seller's technique and is
very rampant at electronics shops. They tell you what you want to hear, only to find out your item is out of stock.

Good thing a guy from the shop we bought this camera told us all about this and even showed us an article about camera-buying and seller's tactics (still we didn't listen -- see tip number 3) and learned the hard way by spending a lot of time going around the whole Sim Lim Building in search for a bargain... only to come back to him... hehehe! I'm happy though, bought it cheaper than the Philippines' selling price so it's all good! :)

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Jen Tan said...

Kraaaaaaaaassss...I am excited na =) When is Cat coming home??? Can't wait din for my "toy"

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