Monday, August 28, 2006

TV Series Juggling

It all started with Dawson's Creek... yeah i know i know! Sad start but it was good the first few seasons! Don't worry, i didn't get to finish the whole series and I don't intend to buy the dvd of the WHOLE series! Just the first 3 seasons would be fine with me... ANYWAY!!! After that sad sad phase of Dawson's Creek, there was a long break from watching TV series, I don't know, maybe there was no TV series worth watching at that time... well if you count the emergence of Reality TV as TV series! I think after Dawson's Creek, the TV series era got a bit quiet... maybe too quiet! I think that long phase of silence brought about today's onslaught of SOOOOO many TV series... that is fucking up my mind (but in a good way)! hehehe! Let me list all the TV Series I'm juggling right now, and the extent of it I've watched:
  • CSI: Las Vegas (Season 01 - Season 06) - done (waiting for next season/episodes)
  • Smallville (Season 01 - Season 05) - done (waiting for next season/episodes)
  • Lost (Season 01 - Season 02) - done (waiting for next season/episodes)
  • Drawn Together (Season 01 - Season 02) - done (waiting for next season/episodes)
  • Coupling US (Season 01) - done (series ended)
  • Coupling UK - currently watching
  • Grey's Anatomy - currently watching
  • Entourage - currently watching
  • Prisonbreak - currently watching
  • House - next in line
Always loved CSI Vegas, the other CSIs suck! Smallville is getting a bit boring, I hope this is the last season! Lost is great and I can't wait for the next season this coming October! Drawn Together is so fucking funny and I can't wait for more seasons! Coupling US sucks! Coupling UK is 100x better! Too bad Coupling UK is off the air now! Grey's Anatomy is cool, when you watch it you'd also wanna be a doctor! Entourage is one of the coolest series out there! Prisonbreak is cool and keeps you at the edge of your seats everytime! House is damn funny and I can't wait to watch it next!

I'm going crazy over all these TV series but I love watching it! Hope no more comes out for a few month so I can try to finish some of the series. Please!?!

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