Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thai PM Thaksin

Thai Prime Minister Thaksin stepped down from his seat the other day... Because of protests in the streets and political turmoil, he was asked by the King to step down and he followed... I was thinking: Wow, this guy had that much integrity to step down from office and call for unity! Where are politicians like these in the Philippines?!? Well, yeah he was asked to step down by the King but then the act of stepping down just to unify a nation is indeed commendable! I mean WOW this is the first time I've ever heard of a politician stepping down from power just to please and unify a nation! I think this shows how he loves Thailand more than he loves the power. Well, I don't know his real story and the REAL reason behind him stepping down but the mere fact that he exchanged his seat for the sake of peace is really amazing! I just wish that all politician would think about the nation and the people first other than himself much like what Thaksin did! I think politicians are all hungry for power especially here in the Philippines, yeah some are good politicians but they eventually get sucked into the system. Our political system in the Philippines is a lousy system. Most politicians are greedy and are all hungry for power. Once they have the power, they can't get enough of it and can't let go. Money and Power are what drives our official and not compassion and self-sacrifice! I hope that what Thaksin did can make other officials think that power, greed, and corruption kills a nation... I know this because it is killing the country that I love, it is killing the Philippines...

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