Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Kaskade: Live In Manila

We went to watch Kaskade's gig at the Coconut Palace... It took a long time for Kaskade to come out (which usually happens in events like this) but it was ok since Karl Ty aka Superfly was mixing some nice house music while we waited! Not to mention, a lot of booze and smokes were available so our patience wasn't really tested... personally, it only made me anticipate Kaskade's appearance much more... call it "delayed gratification"... When Kaskade went out, he went out with a bang (literally!)... when his first song entered, there was a fireworks display and the crowd went wild!!! The crowd was great except for some VIP (note VIP) who were topless (not women unfortunately)... man talk about embarrassing! Anyway, the crowd became mellow towards the middle of the gig but when songs like Steppin' Out and It's You, It's Me were played, the crowd again errupted! I don't know, maybe the other song were new to the crowd and they didn't know it or they were just too messed up to realize what was happening... Hehehe! All in all, the atmosphere was great and the tunes were awesome! Kaskade was great and he mixed the song well! It was around 2am or so and we were all waiting for him to play Everything and when it came on, the tired crowd errupted again... it was I think his last song and we all went home after his set! It was around 3am then (actually, I don't remember co'z I was pretty messed up too!) when we arrived home still with Kaskade's music playing over and over in our heads! Kaskade's gig was a trip! Can't wait for Chicane this coming May... See you there!

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