Monday, April 17, 2006

Holy Week In Tagaytay

Just got back from Tagaytay with the family (well, actually most of the time I was with my friends and some "new found friends") for the Holy Week and my back hurts from the sunburn... After Kaskade's gig on the 12th, I only got to sleep for a couple of hours before I had to drive to Tagaytay. To tell you the truth, I was still pretty messed up while I was driving to Tagaytay, good thing I had my sister and her friend to accompany me... arriving at Tagaytay, I had to sleep the rest of the morning since I really needed it to gain some strength and sanity back! When I woke up I took a dip in the pool with my uncles and cousins... spent the night eating and eating and eating (did I already say eating?) and eating! Hahaha! The next day I swam again and this time the sun was really out and I loved it! I spent the whole day under the sun, hence the sunburn! :) That night, Matthew picked me up and we went to Tagaytay Highlands to join the rest of the gang (who just came from a daytrip in Batangas)! We ate dinner at Venice's auntie's house (Thanks Ven! The dinner was yummy!) and chilled out at our "new found friend" Candice's house! We had a great time and stayed up playing poker, drinking (again?!?), and chatting the night away! The next day, we went to the Highlands Country Club to hangout in their jacuzzi and get some sun (again?!?)! We went to eat lunch at our house (Yummy Bulalo thanks to my Grandma!) and hang at the clubhouse! We went home after that to divert from the anticipated heavy traffic on Easter Sunday!

For me, this was one of the best Tagaytay trips I've ever been to... I really enjoyed it! The next trip the gang is planning is either in Siargao or Boracay so I hope it pushes through since my sister recently passed her Thesis (finally!) and is graduating... She definitely needs some relaxation so I hope the planned trip pushes through! See you on our next roadtrip! :)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Kaskade: Live In Manila

We went to watch Kaskade's gig at the Coconut Palace... It took a long time for Kaskade to come out (which usually happens in events like this) but it was ok since Karl Ty aka Superfly was mixing some nice house music while we waited! Not to mention, a lot of booze and smokes were available so our patience wasn't really tested... personally, it only made me anticipate Kaskade's appearance much more... call it "delayed gratification"... When Kaskade went out, he went out with a bang (literally!)... when his first song entered, there was a fireworks display and the crowd went wild!!! The crowd was great except for some VIP (note VIP) who were topless (not women unfortunately)... man talk about embarrassing! Anyway, the crowd became mellow towards the middle of the gig but when songs like Steppin' Out and It's You, It's Me were played, the crowd again errupted! I don't know, maybe the other song were new to the crowd and they didn't know it or they were just too messed up to realize what was happening... Hehehe! All in all, the atmosphere was great and the tunes were awesome! Kaskade was great and he mixed the song well! It was around 2am or so and we were all waiting for him to play Everything and when it came on, the tired crowd errupted again... it was I think his last song and we all went home after his set! It was around 3am then (actually, I don't remember co'z I was pretty messed up too!) when we arrived home still with Kaskade's music playing over and over in our heads! Kaskade's gig was a trip! Can't wait for Chicane this coming May... See you there!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thai PM Thaksin

Thai Prime Minister Thaksin stepped down from his seat the other day... Because of protests in the streets and political turmoil, he was asked by the King to step down and he followed... I was thinking: Wow, this guy had that much integrity to step down from office and call for unity! Where are politicians like these in the Philippines?!? Well, yeah he was asked to step down by the King but then the act of stepping down just to unify a nation is indeed commendable! I mean WOW this is the first time I've ever heard of a politician stepping down from power just to please and unify a nation! I think this shows how he loves Thailand more than he loves the power. Well, I don't know his real story and the REAL reason behind him stepping down but the mere fact that he exchanged his seat for the sake of peace is really amazing! I just wish that all politician would think about the nation and the people first other than himself much like what Thaksin did! I think politicians are all hungry for power especially here in the Philippines, yeah some are good politicians but they eventually get sucked into the system. Our political system in the Philippines is a lousy system. Most politicians are greedy and are all hungry for power. Once they have the power, they can't get enough of it and can't let go. Money and Power are what drives our official and not compassion and self-sacrifice! I hope that what Thaksin did can make other officials think that power, greed, and corruption kills a nation... I know this because it is killing the country that I love, it is killing the Philippines...
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