Friday, March 31, 2006

Hong Kong: APLF 2006

Just came back from the Hong Kong Asia Pacific Leather Fair 2006 exhibit and man it was sooooo boring... I tell you if it only wasn't held in Hong Kong, I would not go! The fair was really a waste of time and effort... though we had a few inquiries here and there but nothing substantial like an on-the-spot order or something. I've been to past APLF exhibits but there were more clients then and our location was a prime location. This time the whole Philippine delegation was placed near the comfort room where people passing by were either lost and asking for directions or looking for the restroom! I will tell my uncle not to join the next APLF exhibit anymore... (well, unless they put us in a really good location, that would be another story! hehehe!) I think people coming to the APLF are more concerned with raw materials rather than finished leather goods... heck even the finished products from china were snubbed?!? Simply a waste of time and money... though I met a lot of pretty interesting people during my trip so it was not entirely a waste, experience-wise...


Anonymous said...

haha..i was so boring!

Anonymous said...

i was there was so quiet! i think it's the location problem so we are not goin next time unless they change location for us...but luckily it was onli 3 days or 2 and half days for me..nice meeting you there too!

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