Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Thank You

Hey it's my birthday today and I would like to thank all the people who remembered me this day... (not in any specific order)

Dang, Lalyn, Bny, Yap, Ven, Warren, Maina, Jench, Cams, Kaye Yao, Eric Wong, Achie Mia, Jessie Ngo, Albert, Grace, Biboy, Jopet, Kat, Anna Mauricio, Cat, Steph, Jackie, Kirby, Jen, Sison, Andrea, Sherlyne, Mommy Baby, Mom, TJ, Ivy, Cecille, Mr. Fabio, Uncle Roger, Ate Merly, Auntie Alice, Lola Grace, Avon, Armie, Cathy Herrera, Nikki, Salve, Czylene, Jang, Analisa, Mara, Claire, Chinang, Matthew, Mark Cruz, Chingko

For those who forgot... I hate you all!!! Hahaha! Just kidding! Hope you can remember it next year! :)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Wowowee Stampede

What happened this morning was nobody's fault... or was it?

Almost 70+ were killed during a stampede this morning in the Philippines because of a gameshow. I was shocked upon hearing the news and immediately turned-on the TV to confirm. The TV screen showed images of thousands of people surrounding a barricade where motionless bodies lay. As the camera panned, people waved at the camera as if nothing tragic had just happened. As the bodies in the middle lay motionless, beside one body sat a man crying, mourning the death of a loved one...

These were the images that left me depressed... 70+ people... dead... all because of a gameshow??? I thought it was so sad to see people that have lined up for 5 days now get trampled by other people who wanted to get in first. I really don't know who's to blame with this tragedy... The people who were too greedy so as to trample and step on people infront of them just to be the first people in? The security guards/producers who barricaded the entrance preventing the people to form lines and enter in an orderly fashion? ABS-CBN/Wowowee who entised the people to camp in the venue for several days with the hopes of instant cash for the first 300 people? Who's to blame really?

I think there is no one to blame but everybody involved... from the greedy people pushing and shoving just for money to the producers of the show, they all should be blamed for this tragedy. But you know? Instead of blaming somebody, we should just help... Let's stop the pinpointing and just try to give a helping hand to the victims...
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