Monday, January 23, 2006

Manny Pacquiao

After all's said and done... The smoke clears... Alone stands the victor... The champion of a nation... Manny Pacquiao

I just finished watching the Pacquiao-Morales boxing match on TV. It was a delayed telecast but I still got goosebumps waiting for the start of the main event. This was a highly anticipated rematch between the two since Manny lost to Erik Morales the last time they met. The last time, I knew Morales would win because physically, he was better... Morales was an intelligent fighter, a more experienced fighter, and had the longer reach between the two. This time, I was all for Pacquiao... oh yeah, Morales had all the physical traits for a better boxer but in this fight, he didn't have the most important one... HEART

Another factor for Morales' defeat, in my opinion was the fact that he lost some weight for the fight... I'm sure everyone that watched saw that Morales was beginning to wear down after the sixth round and was exhausted when the match ended... You can see that the dieting and the weightloss depleted his body and he was not as effective and as explosive this match compared to their previous match where he beat Pacquiao unanimously. Not to take anything away from Morales, but Pacquiao was simply the better fighter this time...

The telecast was ok, less commercials than I expected (maybe because it was, like I said, a delayed telecast), and the video-feed was really clear. There were only two things bad about the telecast:

Quinito Henson (announcer/host) - He has been announcing and giving blow-by-blow accounts of almost every sporting event for a very long time now and until now he doesn't know how to do it. The idiot doesn't know anything about the sport sometimes, he just speaks good english (sometimes)... Yeah I know that we should all be proud of Manny (except for all that singing and album-making)... Heck, in the ring, I'm a great fan of Manny. He's a great fighter and I am proud of him. He's one of the reasons that makes me proud to be a Filipino. But my Filipino pride is not as biased as Quinito Henson... A REAL sports announcer/anchor should not be biased because he should be calling the match in the middle. I didn't think he did his job well this time. I understand that he's proud of Manny but as a sportscaster, you should be more objective... he should have critiqued both Manny and Morales! Both Morales and Manny should be given praises, and both of them should be cited with their faults... The whole time I heard Quinito, he was saying "Manny this... Manny that..." Hey Quinito! You biased fool!!! Brian Villoria did a better job in sportcasting than you!!! I think it's time you retire!!! Now I know why John Stockton didn't want to talk to you during your coverage of the NBA Finals, I wouldn't also when you call me Johnny Stockton... You're not his buddy!!! His name is JOHN not JOHNNY!!! IDIOT!

Mike Arroyo (first gentleman/"house-band" of the President) - Who the hell cares about Mike Arroyo?!? Why does he have to go LIVE and sit beside Manny in the interview after the fight?!? I don't care if the President's on the phone and wants to talk to Pacquiao, you don't need to be there and show your face on TV... just leave the phone with Manny and let him talk to the President alone! I just hate the fact that politicians use Manny Pacquiao and the success of others for their own political gains, acting as if they had something to do with their success... Did Mike Arroyo train for months for this match? Did he spend Christmas and New Year away from his family just to get ready for this match? I think NOT! The fat ass didn't do anything for Manny's success! He just wants to bask in Pacquiao's limelight and act as if he was the reason for the win! You wanna be a hero too like Pacquiao? Well instead of staying in a million-dollar a night hotel room just to watch the match, stay in a cheaper hotel and donate the million-dollar to charity! Lots of starving children in the Philippines can eat for a whole year with a million-dollar donation! Try being a hero on your own you lump of lard!

The title for the this blog entry is only "Manny Pacquiao" since I believe that he is the only hero in this story. He is the only one who triumphed amidst criticism... and I hope that his only wish of unity for the Philippines would be taken to heart by the Filipinos like he took the Filipinos in his heart... Mabuhay Manny Pacquiao!


Anonymous said...

All I can say about Quinito is that he is retarded. Why does the guy still keep his job? Obviously this punk is a biased ass racist. I was watching the Villoria-Aguirre fight a couple of days ago. All I could say is Oh My God, somebody slap this fool. Pacquiao did a better job of commentating, atleast he was praising Aguirre a bit. I was cheering for Villoria but I felt bad because Quinito was saying all kinds of nasty stuff (the usual) and also kissing Villoria's ass. Not only in Boxing, this dude pisses me off more when it comes to Basketball. Who the hell chooses him to be a ringside commentator anyway? Isn't there anybody else better than him? Do millions of Filipinos have to put with his sh*t when he's the commentator? I say boycott this fool. C'mon Solar Sports, you could do better than that!

oliboy said...

Bwahahaha! Thanks for that comment! Very true, very true! I think you did a better job ranting about The Dean, Quinito Henson (Dean of WHAT?!?) than I did! Yeah! Somebody PLEASE remove this fart from the announcer's table, put him in the ring with Tyson or something... you know, just for laughs! Hahaha!

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