Friday, January 06, 2006

Back From Hong Kong

Just came back from Hong Kong! Damn it was real cold there! Good thing jackets and other winter stuff were on sale so I bought a jacket, long-sleeves, and some collared shirts. The rest of the stuff I bought were pasalubong for Dang and my friends. Coming back to Manila, I was a bit jet-lagged and groggy because of lack of sleep. I thank God that the weather here was not as hot as I expected so the climate change was not that drastic. Truthfully, I missed Manila... I missed Dang... I missed my friends... I've been away from Manila for almost 2 weeks (1 week in Tagaytay and the other week in Hong Kong) so it was kinda a long time. I can't wait to sleep on my own bed, meet up with the gang, and of course see Dang. Work starts Monday so I better make the most out of this weekend.

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