Thursday, December 15, 2005

Deal Or No Deal?

I was watching Jay Leno the other night and I came across one of Leno's guest which was this really animated bald guy (can somebody say, Crystal Meth?) named Howie Mandel who was talking about his new hosting job on a "new" gameshow Deal Or Not Deal. When he was talking to Jay about his new show, I couldn't help but notice that the concept of the gameshow was much like our very own gameshow Pera O Bayong wherein you are to choose between a Bayong (Philippine wet market bag) or instant cash. Sounds familiar huh? That was the concept too of Pera O Bayong where instead of a briefcase, a Bayong was used. As I was watching, I was thinking to myself that WOW! finally, a concept that was copied from the Filipinos and not the other way around (i.e. Orange and Lemons, Cueshe, Session Road, etc.)! But I had to make sure which gameshow came first, their concept or ours? So I went surfing for Deal or No Deal and I found out that it started in 2003 in Australia then it had versions in the Netherlands, UK, and now in the US (via Endemol, the makers of Big Brother)... Hmm... seems like Pera O Bayong was not that original after all. But wait! The concept of Pera O Bayong was really gotten from another gameshow from the 80's and early 90's called Kwarta O Kahon so that means Mr. Pepe Pimentel (the show's host) was the original creator of the concept! FINALLY, something really Filipino copied by another country! FINALLY, something we can be proud of! GO PINOY!

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