Wednesday, December 07, 2005

2005 Christmas Wishlist

Here's what I want for Christmas: (any Santas out there can give me the material things and it will be very much appreciated! The non-material things, I'll leave to the Lord to giveth... Hehehe!)

1. A new digital camera, preferably a Canon or a Casio
2. Peace on Earth
3. To finally have my OWN business, be financially stable, get married, and have 2-3 beautiful children with Dang
4. Donate to my 2005 Christmas Outreach Project

I'll add some more next time... :)

Oh yeah, speaking of Christmas, the season of giving: I'm currently collecting old clothes, toys, and other stuff to give to the needy as my 2005 Christmas Project so if anyone wants to donate, just contact me through (globe) 0917-8980106 or (sun) 0922-4834309. I'll be happy to pick them up just as long as your place is not too far from mine... Hehehe!

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