Saturday, November 12, 2005

Food Critique: Cascada

We had a great dinner at Cascada in Greenbelt 3! Here is my critique of the whole dining experience:

The Ambiance - It was a fine-dining type feel when you enter the place with yellow lights instead of bright white lights. It was very cozy and the seats/sofas were comfortable enough that fit the place just right. The lighting and the mood would set up some major foodgasms to come (pardon the pun)!

The Food - I ordered the Grilled Porkchops with Beer Gravy... The Porkchop was perfectly cooked on the inside and it was really juicy. The only problem that I tasted was that they didn't clean or brush the grill first before grilling my porkchops. Grilling on a dirty, or to put it in a better term, recently-used grill would cause the burnt flavors of the continuous cooking and thus the burning of the previous item cooked to go into the current item being placed on the grill. This naturally affects the taste of the meat making it much more burnt than grilled. Thankfully, the beer based sauce was heavenly! It was a medley of different flavors which i really like. It's not your typical gravy since it really had much more flavor than the conventional gravy mix. The gravy was sweet and salty at the same time which is one combination of flavors I really adore! Didn't taste the beer though but I have no problem with that since the gravy without the beer taste was enough for me! (Hmm... I wonder what the gravy would taste like if I tasted the beer part of the gravy... I'll try to make one next time to find out!) I think the dish was pretty good in general since the juiciness of the porkchop and the variety of flavors incorporated in the sauce covered-up the burnt taste. My friends ordered their own food and what struck me the most was Venice's Lamb Chops with Risotto. I think just the sound of ordering the dish would make your mouth water. He says it was good so I will try the lambchops next time I go back... Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that their iced-tea was pretty good! Kinda sweet for my taste but very good!

The Price - The meals were very pricey but it was worth it! Prices range from Php500-Php800 per person and is a perfect date place for those who want to impress but not regret the money they spend if the date doesn't go well! :)

The Service - Service was excellent, except for the fact that we weren't greeted by the maitre d' when we were coming in which should be a standard in any (I repeat) any restaurant. May it be a five-star restaurant or a fastfood restaurant, I believe that it is just proper to greet the guests or customers when they come in the door. This is not a question of protocol but of respect... Moving on, the time we got a table was quick since the restaurant was not that filled. The staff gave us time to settle down and look at the menu before asking us what we would like to have. The staff was also courteous in asking us what we would like to order. The service came quick and they didn't make any mistakes with our orders. Not only that, they gave us a free membership to their "Birthday Club" where you can enjoy giftcheques and discounts on your birthday if you dine at Cascada. They also gave us a loyalty card that you have to complete in order to get some freebies. This is a marketing strategy for most restaurants and believe me it work because as soon as they gave us the loyalty cards, we were talking about our next visit and which menu item to order!

I personally enjoyed our dinner at Cascada and will surely be back there sometime soon. Hopefully with Dang this time!?!

Greenbelt 3 2nd Level
Ayala Center
Makati City
Tel. 757-4368, 757-4369

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