Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Cooking Show Host Wannabe

It's so boring today and there was nothing to do so I decided to whip up something... I went to Santis Delicatessen, our local grocery store for gourmet stuff to get my dad some lambchops cause he said he was craving for some lambchops. I was supposed to buy a meat thermometer also for me and my sister but it was out of stock. (Don't you just hate that?!? When you plan to go buy something and when you get there, it's out of stock?!? I just hate that!) Anyway, I went back home seasoned the lambchops with salt, pepper, and some herbs from our cupboard and set it aside to marinate. I found some available veggies around the house like potatoes, carrots, white onions, red bell peppers, and some button mushrooms and decided to use it as a side dish. I placed all the cut veggies in a hotel pan, seasoned it with salt, pepper, and some rosemary. I preheated the oven and when it was hot enough, I placed the veggies inside and left it to cook for a couple of minutes. I then proceeded to sear the lambchops on a pan, making sure in searing all sides for a minute or so... After searing the lambchops, I placed it inside the oven together with the veggies and continued cooking it. The lambchops left some major fond on the pan and I went on to make a simple gravy for the lambchops. I deglazed the pan with some leftover wine and allowed the alcohol to evaporate. I poured in some chicken stock and allowed the liquid to reduce a little. I then added cream to thicken it. I also put some dark soy sauce since I felt that the gravy wasn't dark enough. Lastly, I added salt and pepper to taste. I transferred it to a gravy bowl and set it aside. I went to see what was happening inside the oven and decided to add some butter to the veggies. After about 30-40 minutes, everything was finally done... the lambchops was perfectly cooked and the veggies were now tender. On the side, my sister Steph also created her own pasta dish which was a great accompaniment to the lambchops! We both plated it our creations. And then we all devoured it! Funny how long you cook and prepare for a dish and how with a blink of an eye, it's all gone. Much like LIFE, huh? All in all, it was a great day for cooking and lambchops are a perfect dish for this (almost) boring day!

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