Thursday, October 13, 2005


Just when I thought that Filipinos were creative beings, here comes another rip-off... Cueshe has been one of the hottest bands in the scene these days. Together with Hale, they topped the charts here in the Philippines. Little did we know, that they ALSO ripped-off music from other bands. Listen to Silverchair's The Greatest View and you'll see...

It's so sad that this is happening. I always thought that Filipinos were great composers and creativity is their edge but what is happening with our music today? Is it because we're running out of ideas? Is it because composers aren't inspired anymore to compose their own chords, riffs, and lyrics? Is it coincidence? I've heard of sampling but you need to pay for those? Did Cueshe or Orange and Lemons really pay for the rights to use the same chords? I guess Orange and Lemons didn't because they rejected the allegations and believed for themselves that Pinoy Ako is indeed different from The Care's Chandeliers. Good thing this hasn't reached The Care and Silverchair or these bands will be f*cked!

I guess you can't call our music ORIGINAL Pilipino Music (OPM) no more... what a waste!

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