Friday, October 07, 2005

Song Lyrics = Life Experiences

It's amazing how some songs and lyrics are so appropriate with what you are feeling in a certain situation. Lyrics portray life and I think there is a "life soundtrack" for each and everyone of us. Last night while I was driving home, I was listening to my iPod and I came across this song that hit me hard. The song painted a vivid picture of what I am currently going through right now and what I was feeling deep inside. Here are some excerpts from the song, The Closest Thing To Heaven by Carl Anderson:

...all you had to do was call
And I came running
Why did you have to throw it all away
Leaving me wondering what to do or say

Your the closest I've ever been to heaven
I'm the furthest thing from your mind
And though we make believe that we're still together
I know it's just a matter of time
I keep hoping we won't have to let it slip away...

...was I dreaming?
Maybe I should have realized from the start
That it was leading to a broken heart...

... if you only knew how much I cried
i want you to stay...

... don't let it slip away...

Sniff! Sniff! Right on the button folks. Dang and I haven't broken up but I feel that we're drifting apart. I just really hope that we won't let it slip away. I love her too much to let go.


vInCy said...

bebs, i'm hurting with you (hehehe)'s probably just a phase...

oliboy said...

BEBS!!! hahaha! u have a blog also! :) i added you na to my friends link! yeah, i hope so... true love will find a way... y u hurting too?

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