Sunday, September 11, 2005

Signs Of The Times

It's been a long time since I went bar-hopping. My friends and I went to Ponti and drank a few pitchers of strawberry margarita and coco-lychee... the strawberry thing was not that good but the coco-lychee was very very good!!! It kinda kicks you in the end though just like any other cocktail drink... It was 50% off on pitchers so who cares how it kicks you! It's all good! We got out of Ponti at around 12am and decided to go to Embassy to meet up with my brother and his friends, it was packed as usual with beautiful and sexy people. We had a couple of beers, hung out. We went out at around 2am... We wanted to come back though but our designated driver Matthew was getting messed up and sleepy so we decided to go since we had no way home... The sad thing here is in both Ponti and Embassy, just when we were on the way out more hot people started coming in... I guess that's a sign of old age when you are on the way out and people are still fighting to get in the place... Hehehe! When our "designated dave" brought us to back to our cars (we all parked our cars at a friend's house and car-pooled together), we had a "rumbly-in-the-tummy" and decided to go to Bherouz at Wilson Street in Greenhills. I had a small shawarma courtesy of my friend Venice while they had a couple of kebabs... All in all, it was a great time being drunk, hanging out, having fun with friends... I won't be doing it anytime soon since my budget for an entire week was spent in just one night but I promise I'LL BE BACK!!!

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