Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rockstar: INXS Finale

It's official! JD Fortune is now the lead singer of INXS! I think INXS made the right choice with JD... All the contestants were actually really good... You know these reality shows are all scripted but I believe INXS truthfully had a hard time choosing who to vote out or who should be their new lead singer! The 3 left were Mig, JD, and Marty! I like Mig but I'm kinda biased just because he's a Filipino and all... honestly, I think INXS made the right move in voting him out since he's really not right for the band... Mig's roots are of theater and acting, he knows how to carry a tune and speak to the audience but I think JD draws the audience more with his bad boy attitude! This bad boy attitude is something that INXS would want to lead their bad in order to appeal with the younger generations. They need somebody who has the charisma and I think that amongst the 3 left (or everybody for that matter), JD had the most! Not to take anything away from Mig and Marty, they're great! They have fantastic voices and can draw big fan-bases but I don't think they can get much people listening to INXS. Easy choice: If you are an old band on a comeback, who'd you guys get as a lead singer; a) theater actor, b) grunge rocker, c) bad boy with charisma? Maybe next time Queen can get a new lead singer and surely Mig will win this one... hands down!

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jonjon barros said...

your correct with that! JD has the charisma..Mig can apply as a singer of QUEEN! i KNOW he'll make it there.. :-)

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