Friday, September 23, 2005

Pinoy Big Brother Suspended?!?

WTF?!? MTRCB (the Philippines' lousy censorship board) just issued a 1 day suspension notice to our local version of Big Brother (Pinoy Big Brother). The suspension notice states that Pinoy Big Brother is suspended from 1 episode because of the kissing scene between Chx and Sam. Furthermore, they said that Chx wore a very skimpy swimsuit. WTF?!? Suspended a show for a lousy kiss and a skimpy swimsuit?!? What the hell is that?!? Nothing even happened?!? It was only a friggin kiss!?! And what's up with the swimsuit?!? Hell, people see models and noontime beauty contestants in skimpy bikinis?!? I think the Philippines has this TOO "holier than thou" attitude that is simply getting really really annoying! These censorship people really suck at their jobs! The censorship board here have no idea what the hell they are doing!

Then again, looking at this issue as a conspiracy theorist, maybe the MTRCB got paid by a rival network (I won't say which --- GMA Channel 7! Hehehe!) to hassle ABS-CBN Channel 2 since the reality show is sucking all their ratings! Pinoy Big Brother has been grabbing all the ratings lately with all the hype and instead of fighting back with their own kind of shows, you go below the belt in "hiring" the MTRCB to suspend or cancel a show. What kind of fair network battle is that?!? On the other hand though, suspending Pinoy Big Brother will definitely increase the hype and fuel the rebellious spirit of the Filipinos which in turn will make them watch it even more. I hope that if indeed GMA-7 is responsible for this move by the MTRCB, it backfires on them and even more people watch it!

I think all this is about network battles (as usual) and I can't wait to see who wins... (The economy's in ruins, so there's nothing else better to do! Hehehe!) Until next time, tune-in once again to the greatest TV drama of all, The Philippines...

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