Friday, September 09, 2005


Did you see the latest addition to the iPod family??? It's the new iPod Nano... it's an evolution of the iPod mini. Apple made the mini even more smaller and thinner. It also changed the screen to a colored screen capable of showing photos and album covers. This is cool but the only downside I see here is the memory. The Apple Corporation only came out with a 2GB and a 4GB iPod Nano forcing people to buy it since it has great design and all but eventually, they'll be releasing a 6GB or more iPod Nano so the people who bought a 2 or 4 GB iPod would upgrade to it... that's how the electronics business works... so I guess I won't be buying an iPod Nano as of the moment but I will - once a bigger capacity iPod Nano comes out... for now, I just have to settle with my 6GB iPod Mini... when it comes to design, it doesn't even come close to the new iPod Nano but capacity-wise, I WIN!!! Hahaha! For you guys who haven't seen the iPod Nano, here it is:

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