Monday, September 19, 2005

How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was great! I fetched Dang at around 5pm and we ate at Omakase Japanese Restaurant in Libis, Quezon City! The most affordable Japanese Restaurant in that area since their dishes are good and the price is not that expensive... Well, I'll critique on that restaurant on my next post... After eating, I had to bring her home to Bulacan so we had very long roadtrip but it was really worth it... It feels like a really long time since I've been with her... She's been so busy at work and she has been giving me the cold shoulder these days. Last Saturday was different, she was back to her old self again, the old dang that I fell in love with... We talked and had coffee by the North Luzon Expressway... we talked about life and our future together... I missed her so much... When we arrived at Bulacan, we watched TV (The Misadventures of Ariel and Maverick) and laughed so hard! We had a great time! I left Bulacan at around 10:30pm and went to Greenbelt 3 to meet up with the gang at Max Brener. We went to The Mezz (I think), a bar at Greenbelt 2 near Temple Bar, and met up with Warren's friend Jowi... Since it was her birthday (Happy Birthday Jowi!), we had a couple of drinks and had a fun time with them! I left Warren with them around 3am and went home... All in all the weekend was great... as usual it was not enough for me but i guess that makes you more wanting for another weekend to begin...

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