Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Heaven on Earth: A Myth?

I miss writing on my blog. No time right now since I'm busy manning a bazaar somewhere in Binondo, Manila. Kinda having fun though, seeing other people. Really getting fed-up with seeing the same people each and everyday in the office, so this is a good escape for me.

Do you sometimes think your life is going around in circles? Well, that's how I feel right now with work... I need some new job, damn it! Some job I can get to meet different people and where everyday would be a surprise to me... I hate monotonous jobs like the one I currently have! Another job that would interest me would be something that would do good to the world. A job that would make a difference. Something like what Angelina Jolie does as a goodwill ambassador and how Bob Marley united his countrymen through music. Making a difference. I think that would be a beautiful way to give back to the world.

When you think about it, anybody can do something small or big but why do government officials think about wars, oil, money, and power? Why do they fight against each other and not fight against poverty? Those who have power doesn't use it. Maybe it's human nature but isn't love and compassion a part of human nature too? If only love and compassion would be much stronger than greed and hunger for power, this world would be a wonderful place. Heaven though, is not on earth so i guess peace, unity, and love is impossible in this crazy world.

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Anonymous said...

i know the feeling of wanting to make a difference but not knowing how to reach out and actually help. some politicians are greedy enough to feed their lust for power and forget their job.

thanks for dropping by my journal! =)

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