Thursday, September 08, 2005

Gym Withdrawal

Didn't get to go to the gym last night because it was freakin' traffic... Just stayed home and watched TV... So tonight, it is a must that I go to the gym!!! I don't know, going to the gym is really addicting... maybe it's a refuge for me or it's something to take my mind off my problems... I'm not a big wrestler guy though (and don't intend to be one) but I just wanna be healthy and ripped... So starting October, I'm going back to my low carb diet (no rice at all) and start getting back on the treadmill... I wanted to start on September but with this culinary school, all that cooking, and all that eating... who can diet??? Speaking of the gym, I hope that I see more girls there tonight cause the gym is really becoming a sausage-fest nowadays... Where have all the women gone?!?

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