Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Food Critique: Masuki

Last night, after gym, we ate at Masuki in Greenhills... sounds like a Japanese restaurant huh? It's actually a Mamunlok-clone (or whoever first came to be in the streets of Binondo) from my childhood days. I remember when I was still living with my grandparents in Paco, Manila when they would bring us food from Ongpin and we would always wish it to be Mamunlok. Their menu is pretty simple, the standard thing to order is mami or noodles soup with a side order of either siomai or siopao. They have the original chicken-asado mami which is the menu item that is almost always ordered. You can choose if you want the regular size (Php 68) or the special size (Php 78). My favorite is not actually the mami but the siomai... It's a monster siomai packed with lotsa meat (or flour) which makes it really filling... Siomai from Select or Starmart are ants compared to this. What makes the difference though in the food is the sauce, although it is not the same as the original Mamunlok sauce, it's pretty much close to the original. You actually put the sauce into the mami and mix it together. It gives an added boost to the mami and its flavor. You also put the sauce over siomai and squeeze calamansi over it. WOW!!! Trust me, it's heaven! Masuki or Mamunlok is soulfood for us Filipino-Chinese 80's kids and I love it! When you pass by Ortigas Avenue make sure you pass by this restaurant and sample one of the best and classic foods in our childhood.

2/F Sekai Center
Ortigas Ave. corner Madison
Greenhills, San Juan
Tel. 744 2720 - 21


Jen said...

i agree =)...

oliboy said...

hehehe! MASUKI THE BEST!!!

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