Thursday, October 07, 2004

Movie Critique: Resident Evil, Apocalypse

Dang and I watched the movie on Monday and I don't know if I liked the movie coz the first one really sucked or I liked it because it was really good... Well, watch the movie and decide for yourself... My opinion on the movie was that it was definitely better than the first... the action sequences were cool and well choreographed... if you are an avid fan of the computer game itself, you'll love it since there were parts of the movie that brings you into the game like scenes and places taken from the game itself... the character Jill Valentine was SOOOO HOT and so "computer-game-like"... I mean sometimes I feel as though I was playing the game on my PS rather than watching the movie itself! She fit the part perfectly! On the acting... hmm... Did I mention Jill Valentine was HOT? Hehehe! Frankly, acting was not that good to actually divert the audience attention from Jill! All in all, the movie was a rush and I think i'm gonna put this on my DVD-to-buy list and add it to my DVD collection...

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