Friday, September 03, 2004

Movie Critique: The Notebook

I watched The Notebook last night... It was a good movie... At first I didn't want to watch it co'z I know it's gonna be one of those sappy chic flicks... but I really liked it... It's nice... I haven't read the book yet but i heard it's much better in the book (as it usually is)... The story is about love inspite of everything and it's power... The power of love that holds all of us together and how it creates miracles... Good story! Very touching! The only flaw is I think the casting... The actors did great but I don't think they fit their respective roles... The young noah and ali looked too young and were not mature looking in their 30's... The old noah and ali didn't look at all like their young selves... Other than that, the movie will make u laugh and cry... It's a good date movie and you'll fall in love in the cinema with your date... I promise!

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